how to decorate a living room with a fireplace

8 Ideas How to Decorate a Living Room With a Fireplace

Winter is the best time to spend time with family. We can design a lot of activities in the house, and save a lot of inventory. Well, do not forget about the fireplace because it is an important requirement when you want to create a warm situation in the house. Also, it would be a perfect choice when you want to combine function and style in interior decoration. So, you can consider the 8 ideas how to decorate a living room with a to decorate a living room with a fireplace

# 1. Harlandale Avenue

Integrating walls, stones, and a fireplace, this is an elegant style that will surely make you satisfied on the interior. You only need a simple design of the layout and furnishing options.

# 2. Contemporary Arts and Craft

The right choice when you are going to combine art and contemporary interior styles. You can make it into a futuristic living room perfectly.

# 3. Condominium

This is a personal style of interior. Indeed, this is a luxurious and elegant choice. But, you can combine this on several elements perfectly.

# 4. Beaugureau Studios

You can do anything to enhance your living room. This is a unique style when you put a fireplace in a wall. With bulkhead and glass, it is an ideal style of modern interior. You can create a beautiful atmosphere when you turn off the lights and rely on a room with a fireplace decorating ideas

# 5. Haley Custom Homes

Light fixture is the primary key of this style when you leave the conventional style, and treat a fireplace as a highly efficient tool. A box in the wall space will be very effective to ensure a warm temperature.

# 6. Custom 4-Sided Gas Fireplace

We can say that this is a quirky style when we put a glass case to protect the fireplace. So, you can put it in the center of the room. However, you can think of it. Indeed, it will spend a lot of costs. But, you will be satisfied when it becomes a perfect style for winter.

# 7. Cliffside Drive

So, this is a blend of shabby furniture with a modern interior. Put a fireplace with a combination of walls and wood so you can create a natural effect of the cool.

# 8. Brownhouse Design

We can play the perspective of a room. That is what you can do to put the TV above fireplace. Of course, you should choose a LED that hung on the wall. So, this will be an interesting blend of classic and modern styles.

Well, what do you think? Should you consider an idea based on the budget and interior condition? It is because you need the concept of comfort, in accordance with your expectations. Just do it on proper way.

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