Top 8 Different Types of Architectural Styles

Get up-date your information about several types of architectural styles – We will get some types of architectural styles that have their respective trademark including techniques, forms, up to the type of material used.

During its development, we will get a lot of types of architectural styles that we can choose to consider the needs, tastes, and abilities.

Here are the top 8 different types of architectural styles following brief explanation.

  1. Colonial – this is one of the architectural styles that will take us to the 1600s where the first colony to build settlements. We will get the colonial designs come from a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes that reflect the traditions and cultures of different countries ranging from the Netherlands, France, England, to Spain. If we draw a conclusion, we will get a magnificent style, symmetric, and has a regular arrangement with design lines that are smooth and deco furniture style
  2. Art Deco – this is one of the architectural styles that are very popular in the 1920’s where we’ll get a variety of geometric and vertical elements that serve as decorative fascinating subject.
  3. Contemporary – this is one of the very popular architectural styles found in the years between 1950 until 1970 where we will find two forms of roof – flat and tapered coupled with the application of a high window, minimal ornamentation, and has a unique combination of materials in the wall (brick, wood, and stone).
  4. The Gothic – this is one of the architectural styles that are very popular in the mid-1800s in which the trademark was pointed arch windows and the use of wood with intricate designs, and a steep roof with a dome. We will get the veranda and tower designs are luxurious by applying this style.
  5. Georgian – this is one of the architectural styles that will make us get home with amazing style formal and pretentious. Smooth and symmetrical design will we get – as well as the symmetrical features of the chimney and the presence of the decorative crown over the front door. It is a house built using bricks, presenting the impression of incredible classic elegant, and has intricate detail that charming.victorian furniture style
  6. Victorian – this is one of the architectural styles that are found in the coastal town America in the late 19th century. We’ll get a house with a veranda with a width plain door (without ornaments) and steep roofline. We will also find other features of the Victorian-style house that is hidden until the tower balcony at the side of the charm.
  7. Tudor – this is one of the architectural styles that are very popular in the early 1920s to the present. The main characteristic of the Tudor-style is the use of stone chimneys that are large, multi-paned casement windows, walls made ​​of stone or brick, to rounded doorways. Another characteristic is the use of bay windows are made of wood half.
  8. International style – this is one of the architectural styles that we know as the modern style that began in the early 20th century. Distinctive feature of this style is the use of various materials such as glass, steel, concrete until minimal ornamentation and upholds the functionality of each room.

Thus the top 8 different types of construction styles are expected to gives us a different view to a particular architectural style, able to choose the right style to apply to our homes, and at the same time able to present a fascinating and captivating look at home which we live today.

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