5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home, but don’t have a lot of money to spend on updates, then there’s a few different ways that you can boost your curb appeal without killing your cash flow. You just have to hit all the major bases so that you can keep your house looking beautiful. Here are five budget-friendly ways to add curb appeal to your home.

  1. Have your exterior power washed. One of the best ways to really boost the appeal of your home without spending too much money is to have your home exterior power washed. This is much cheaper than repainting, and if you haven’t repainted or had a power wash in a long time, your house is probably covered in dirt, detritus, cobwebs, leaves, etc. You want to make sure that all of your rain gutters are clean, and that you don’t have any bird nests hiding in the eaves of your home.
  2. Repaint your garage door. If you don’t want to repaint the entire house, just repainting your garage door, and maybe even your front door, is a great way to really make your home stand out. Depending on the aesthetic that you already have going on in your home, it can really look great if you find a loud color, like a fire engine red, to really make your garage door pop. If you have an old and outdated garage door, you may just want to replace it altogether.
  3. Update your landscaping. Do you have any dead or dying plants in your front yard? Do you have any areas that are being overrun by weeds? If so, you’ll want to take care of that right away. A dead or dying front yard is one of the best ways to deter prospective buyers from your property. Even if your yard hasn’t gotten to the dying phase, there’s probably a good chance that you could use some updating. It couldn’t hurt to take a look at a few current gardening magazines to get some inspiration, and then have some fun re-landscaping your front yard a bit.
  4. Replace your window screens. If you have stretched out, faded, or torn window screens, it’s time to get them replaced. Besides the fact that they’re probably not doing their job of keeping bugs and other pests out anymore, old window screens are a serious eyesore. You’d be surprised by what a difference your new window screens can make on the look of your home from the outside.
  5. Refinish your patio. If you can handle just one more outdoor project, then you may very well want to refinish your patio. These days, stone patios are all the rage, and a beautiful stone patio can really be the difference between selling your home and sitting patiently. You can find all kinds of different patio stones to choose from with Teton stone for a look that is classy, modern, and elegant.

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