5 Western Theme Home Decorating Tips

Decorating your home in a theme, any theme, can quickly get out of hand if you subscribe too heavily to hallmarks. So try not to go overboard populating your house with stereotypical elements. That said, you do need to include some key items if you want to properly display the theme you’ve selected, and there are several options to choose from when you decide you want your home to exhibit your love of everything western. Here are just a few decorating tips to help you create a fun and inviting (but not comical or kitschy) living space with a western theme.

  1. Natural wood. You don’t have to wood panel wall-to-wall to create the rustic, outdoorsy space you crave. You can get a lot of bang for your buck when you add wooden elements sparingly. Installing wood flooring is probably the easiest place to start. But you could also place wooden beams on the ceiling. Or you might install a stair railing using sturdy, polished branches rather than machined and painted planks. You could put in a wooden accent wall. And of course, you can choose natural wood furnishings. Wood lends a warm, rustic feel to any home and a little can go a long way toward setting the foundations for your western theme.
  2. Animal skins. Even if you love a good western theme, you might be of the popular opinion that fur is murder. The good news is that there are plenty of faux options on the market that can give you the look you want without making you responsible for the death of God’s creatures in the process. You may also have some luck with found items. If you like to decorate with antlers or skulls, for example, you could try hiking in nearby areas that are protected animal corridors – you may be able to find the items you seek left by animals that died of natural causes. Of course, if you’re averse to animal cruelty, you might not want to display their remains in your home in the first place, in which case nature-themed art could be more your speed.
  3. Farming, ranching, and other western equipment. Antlers and wagon wheels are de-rigueur when it comes to western decor, but you could also include items like riding saddles and horse shoes, lassos, yokes, and other farming, ranching, or cowboy-related items in your decor. The best part is that you can get pretty creative. How about using a yoke as a light fixture over your bar? Or you could frame a mirror in horse shoes. There are all kinds of ways to put a creative spin on western decor by incorporating thematic elements in unexpected ways.
  4. In the old west, candles and oil lamps were the only options. These days you don’t have to risk burning your house down to illuminate it. Instead, choose lighting options that feature bulbs on dimmer switches and warm colored shades. You’ll get the same effect without the risk factor.

Native American elements. Woven blankets, arrowheads, and beadwork elements from a company like Coyote’s Game can all add to your western decor with pops of pattern and color that brighten up a palette that tends to be somewhat neutral.

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