How to Remove Old Carpet Stains

Do you have old, embedded stains in your carpet? Are your carpets white and the stains instantly noticeable? Don’t worry, there are a lot of people in the same boat as you. Clean carpets are difficult to come by. When it comes down to it, stains are inevitable. At one point or another, you are going to spill something. If you have kids, your carpet may not stand a chance. If the stain is wine, chocolate or some other stain-causing liquid, it can be a dreadful moment when you realize that the stain is permanent. However, there are a few ways that you may be able to remove these hard-to-remove stains – the stains you believed would last forever. What you have to realize is that you need to really put your back into it. Here is how to remove old carpet stains.

  1. Combine a solution of clothing detergent with water and start scrubbing – if the stain is fresh, you want to dab it out first. Then you want to get in there with a rag and really bring that stain out of the fibers. You don’t want too much detergent, because you could be creating too many suds. Ideally, you want to know if your scrubbing is actually bringing out all the stains. If it is, you want to stick with this method.
  2. Try bleach and water – if the stain has been there for years and you aren’t sure how it got there, you may want to try mixing bleach and water. Of course, you don’t want to pour the bleach on right away, but you do want to dilute it in water and let it settle into the fibers. After about fifteen minutes, you can try dabbing the stain out. You do not want to rub the stain in, because it could damage the fibers of the carpet.
  3. Vacuum the area and then use ammonia to draw out the stain – if nothing else is working, you may want to use an ammonia solution to bring out the stain. If the stain is organic, ammonia may neutralize the stain and bring the particles out. This can be really helpful if your stains are caused by a pet.
  4. Hire the professionals – if the stain is particularly dark and seemingly permanent, you may want to contact a company like ServiceKnights to use unique cleaning methods to bring out the stains. When it comes down to it, your carpet may have too many stains to clean with standard methods, so getting the big guns in may be your carpet’s only hope.
  5. Hot water and hydrogen peroxide – if the stain is from blood (many kids injure themselves and run into the house), you may want to use very hot water and then hydrogen peroxide. This solution will help break up the organic matter. When it comes down to it, blood is one of the hardest things to remove, so you really have to act fast. In the end, there are also other organic stains that hydrogen peroxide will help remove from your carpet.

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