How to Clean and Maintain Your Stone Patio

Stone patios are gaining in popularity and for good reason. They are sleek, beautiful, and extremely durable. Nonetheless, like everything else, they are subject to wear and tear and there’s plenty you can do to slow down the process. If you’ve just had some patio pavers come in and install a new patio for you, you may be wondering how to take care of it so that it stays looking beautiful for a long time. Here are a few pointers on how to clean and maintain your stone patio.

  1. Avoid harsh chemicals. A lot of people tend to use very harsh and abrasive chemicals on their tile thinking that it is invincible. They often think this is the best way to really get into the grout. Unfortunately, these chemicals can have a harsh effect on both the tiles and the grout, leading to faded rings on the tiles and cracks in the grout. For this reason, it’s always best if you choose darker colors for your grout.
  2. Power wash once a month. One of the best ways to pick up some of the more stubborn dirt and grime on your patio is by power washing. This will ensure that you get deep into all the grooves without the use of noxious chemicals. This needs to be done on a regular basis so that grease and grime don’t have the time to set in. The longer those stains are there, the more permanent they become.
  3. Use weed killers. If you have weeds coming up through your tiles, they could really be doing some damage to the grout. The more pressure that stresses the tile and the grout, the more cracking and crumbling you’re going to see. So it’s best to go to a gardening store and find some kind of all-natural weed killer and zap them before they destroy your patio.
  4. Know your stone. Be sure that you know exactly what kind of stone your patio is made out of – or if it actually is real stone. These days, many homeowners are opting to buy faux stone because it looks so much like real stone, but it only costs a fraction of the price. If your patio is made of flagstone, it’s going to need a different kind of cleaner than many other types of stone. If you have faux stone, you are going to need to find a cleaner that is specific to your particular type of faux stone as well.
  5. Don’t drag anything on the patio. One of the most common ways that people mar and destroy their stone patios is by dragging heavy outdoor furniture and other objects across the surface. If you have heavy patio furniture, be sure to always ask for assistance when you can’t pick it up alone. Also, be sure to put rubber feet on the bottoms of all of your furniture so that they don’t scratch the stone. You also want to avoid any metal contact with the stone because it only takes one storm to leave a giant rust stain on your brand new patio.

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