5 Helpful Home Energy Management Tips

It can be an unwelcome shock when you open your energy bill only to see a much larger figure than expected staring back at you, written in bold red lettering. This is happening all too frequently considering we now have the technology and the means to save energy and reduce our bills significantly. There are a number of ways this can be done in your home that don’t require too much effort or any dramatic changes to your lifestyle. It’s becoming increasingly important in this day and age to conserve energy wherever possible, so without further adieu, here are five helpful home energy management tips that could slash your bills in half.

  1. Get professional help. Before you read the following list, the first thing you need to consider is consulting someone with the knowledge and expertise to help you to reduce your energy bill. There are a number of organizations that now provide energy management services in addition to general electrical services. Jackson Electrical Contractors are a good example of this. They are poised to help clients plan and implement programs to lower their energy usage, correct power quality issues and invest in renewable energy resources to offset rising utility costs. This sort of service should not be overlooked.
  2. Look for the Energy Star rating. Whenever you purchase an electrical appliance, you’ll notice an Energy Star rating label stuck somewhere on the product. Be sure to pay attention to the star rating on this label as this could reduce your energy bill significantly. Energy Star products meet strict efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy. This means the ratings can be trusted and actually make a difference to your monthly home energy consumption. When you start adding up all of the appliances with these energy ratings, you’ll realize that they really do make a difference.
  3. Optimize your A/C usage. Using an air conditioner can be a costly luxury during the summer months. It can chew up energy like nothing else in your home. In order to use your air conditioning unit more efficiently, couple it with other techniques to cool your home. Closing the curtains and the blinds during the daytime as much as possible and opening them (along with the windows) during the evening will help to keep your home insulated during those hot summer months.
  4. Use power strips. When using multiple appliances at once, it’s a great idea to use power strips wherever possible. The reason for this is that power strips will usually have an off switch, which, when used, prevents electrical flow from consistently running even when the appliances aren’t being used. When these appliances are plugged directly into the wall, electricity is still active and you’re still using unnecessary energy.
  5. Monitor your wastage. Remembering to keep track of your energy bills is just as important as remembering to flick the light switches and appliances off whenever you leave a room. Start making a habit of acknowledging your expenses and make an effort to reduce them each month. Make a plan of attack about how you want to achieve this and stick to the goals as much as humanly possible. If you do this, you’re bound to notice a big difference in your energy expenses.

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