5 Helpful Tips for the First-Time Home Seller

If you’ve never sold your home before, you’ll be thunderstruck by how complex the process can be. You may have spent all your energy, time and money on remodeling your property to the point where you find yourself out of steam and ideas when it comes to getting your property on the market and in the hands of homebuyers.¬†Selling your home¬†doesn’t have to be a headache, and there are a number of ways to keep the process rolling along in an efficient manner. Here are five helpful tips for the first time home seller that could save you time and money.

  1. Consult a professional. For a reasonable fee, it’s really worth having an experienced and qualified real estate agent working on your side. Someone like Bill True, who has 27 years experience selling homes, can offer you the valuable knowledge and expertise that could save you money in the long run. Taking on the task all by yourself can be a minefield of learning curves, so cut out the risk and work with someone who knows the business inside and out.
  2. Keep It simple when it comes to remodeling. There’s no need to overcomplicate an already complicated process, so be sure to keep it simple when redeveloping your home or investment property. The more you cut down your costs on the remodeling end, the higher your profit margins will be when it comes to selling your home. Taking the minimalist approach will give your home a clean cut, chic appeal for less money.
  3. Get online. The property market starts on the World Wide Web. Using online resources such as Craigslist or the Rental Girls can save you money and can be a fantastic way to get your property out there to thousands of potential buyers. Sharing photographs of your property on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and the oh-so-popular Instagram, is a fantastic way to get the viral word-of-mouth traveling fast, so log in and get sharing.
  4. Hire a photographer. When it comes to selling your house online, or even through a real estate agent, the first thing people are going to see are the photographs. If your photographs are not representative of your home and don’t feature all of the benefits of your property, then they are failing. Be sure to hire a professional, architectural, or real estate photographer who specializes in the art. How they light your space and how they touch up the photos afterwards could mean all the difference when it comes to people wanting to view your home in person.
  5. Up the curbside appeal. Be sure to invest a little money in the right places, such as the facade of your home. Investing in some lush trees and plants, pressure washing the driveway, freshening up the front wall with a lick of paint, and getting a new letterbox and front door can be fantastic and inexpensive ways to make your home that much more appealing to potential home buyers.

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