How to Keep Your Dog From Escaping Your Backyard

The loyal canine is truly a man’s best friend, but boy can they be tricky to keep in the backyard. They’re notorious diggers so they can burrow under almost anything. Their jumping ability is exceptional, especially when presented the challenge of hurdling over a fence, and their ability to chew through all sorts of material is unparalleled. It requires the installation of some serious infrastructure to keep those loyal little guys safe and sound in the yard. We have a lot of love for these creatures so the last thing you want is them running around the neighborhood and getting picked up by the local pound. Here are a few simple tricks to keep your domestic dog at home where he belongs.

  1. Keep him entertained. First and foremost, make sure you’re keeping your dog happy. The best way to keep them from running away is to keep them fit. They need regular walking and trips to the park to play fetch. If they’re not provided with this simple desire, then they will look for it elsewhere and will take themselves for a walk.
  2. Keep him company. Nobody likes to be left alone, and your dog is no exception. Make sure you’re keeping him company and involve him in your daily activities. The happiest dogs are the ones who are with their owners 24/7. Okay, so it’s not exactly practical to take him to work everyday, but having him by your side around the house and taking him out with you when you visit friends is a great way to keep him happy and it’ll prevent him from running off when he feels lonely and scared.
  3. Have the right fencing. Putting up a nice little white picket fence might look pretty, but it’s not going to do much to keep your dog in the yard. You really need to install a specifically designeddog fence that is durable enough and high enough to keep your dog in. Chain link fences are great for this. You might want to consult Yard Dog Fencing & Decks who specialize in this kind of thing. They have a range of styles to choose from that are all dedicated to keeping your dog safe and sound at home.
  4. Get him fixed. Getting your male dog neutered and your female dog spayed at around 6 months old is an absolute must. Sexual roaming is probably the main reason why your dog will disappear for days on end. The desire to find a mate is a natural urge among dogs that are un-neutered and un-spayed and of course leads to pet overpopulation problems.
  5. Reward and Discipline. It’s important to remember to reward your dog when he returns home, as he will associate returning with being rewarded rather than punished. It’s worth investing in doggy discipline classes so that he understands some basic commands. An obedient dog is a loyal dog and a loyal dog won’t feel the need to run away due to separation anxiety or depression.

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