5 DIY Sliding Door Installation Tips

When it comes down to it, there are actually a lot of sliding door benefits. For one thing, sliding doors are often made out of glass, so you get a floor to ceiling view of the world outside. Moreover, you can close the glass to protect your home from the outdoor elements. Plus, sliding glass doors are really easy to use. If you are wondering if sliding glass doors are safe – well, they are. The glass is usually fortified and tempered, which means that you could take a hammer to the glass and it wouldn’t shatter. Before you install sliding doors, you want to know exactly what you are doing. Here are five DIY sliding door installation tips.

  1. Be sure to remove the existing sliding glass door- you can do this by stripping the sealant and popping it out of place. If you search “sliding doors Miami” or “sliding doors Los Angeles,” you will learn that all sliding doors require sealant. You will want to remove the old sealant before you pop the door out of place.
  2. Be sure to put all the components of the sliding glass door together before you try to fit it into place. Once you have the old door out, you want to focus on assembling the new door. Most of the time, your new sliding glass door will come in a few different pieces. You will want to have a fully assembled door before you install it.
  3. Be sure to use a strong magnet to find nail heads in the frame that you are removing – you can then sand away the paint to visualize the nail heads and pull them out. Your old frame may need to be replaced. This will require shimmying the old wood out of the frame. In order to accomplish this, you will need to use a magnet to find the nail posts. Once you find the nails, you can mark them, sand the paint down, and pull them out of place.
  4. Be sure to strip and level the frame before you place the new door in – you don’t want the new door to fit strangely or off-kilter. When you remove the sealant and wood, the frame will be quite uneven and there will be debris everywhere. Ideally, you want to sand down the debris – or chip away at it until the frame is smooth and even. You don’t want to install the sliding doors until the frame is completely even, because it could ruin your sliding doors if you don’t.
  5. Be sure to set the new door and seal it properly in place – sealing the door in place is probably the most critical step. On top of everything, you want to be sure to seal the doorframe into place after you have it placed snug in the frame. It may take some maneuvering to get the sliding doors to fit snugly, but you want to take the necessary amount of time – you don’t want your doors to be loose. In the end, you want to place sealant around the frame to make the fit even more permanent and weather proofed.

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