Hot Kitchen Backsplash Trends in 2015

Backsplashes have evolved considerably over the years. While ultimately a practical consideration in any kitchen, there’s no reason why you can’t pair form with function to beautify the room that acts as the hub of your family home. And you’ll find, when you start looking for backsplash options, that there are several modern trends you can take advantage of. Instead of limiting yourself to a natural stone surround, plain tiles with a runner, or tile strips, check out the newer design options that are popping up in 2015. Here are a few of the hottest trends this year when it comes to upgrading your kitchen backsplash.

Textured tiles
This seems to be the hottest trend of late when it comes to kitchen upgrades. Some people like the look of rough-hewn stone for a backsplash while others seem to prefer an altogether sleeker look with tiles that feature polished, raised patterns to add texture and visual appeal to otherwise plain tiles. Either way, you can take advantage of this trend in a wide variety of ways in order to create the modern aesthetic you crave with your kitchen backsplash.

Unconventional Materials
You might never think of using river rocks (i.e. smooth pebbles), stainless steel, or pressed tin ceiling tiles for your backsplash, but such unconventional materials are moving from other surfaces to kitchen walls of late. River rocks are a popular choice for shower floors and surrounds, stainless steel is more common in appliances and countertops, and pressed tin is more commonly found overhead in older structures. But all can be employed as backsplash material to create the unique design that makes your kitchen modern and functional.

Bright white
The subtler shades of gray and tan that dominated the last decade or so have given way to a cleaner and crisper (albeit more sterile) aesthetic in kitchen design. The bright, white kitchen is back with a vengeance and backsplashes are no exception. A white-on-white motif with tiles can help you to add some visual variance to this monochromatic style, but you might just want to add punches of color cosmetically with linens, canisters, utensils, and so on if you’re going for a whitewash.

Traditional patterns
Old world sensibilities seem to be enjoying a resurgence in design, and if you appreciate the rich colors and repetitive patterns that dominated design decades or even centuries ago, this might be the right look for your kitchen backsplash, especially if your architectural style already fits the bill.

Wallpaper Look
Can’t bring yourself to actually put up wallpaper in your kitchen, regardless of the ease and practicality of modern products? You’re not alone. But if you love the look of modern wallpaper designs, you can still accomplish your aesthetic goals with a proper tile backsplash. Start at a store like Tiles Direct that can offer you abundant options for materials and styles. Look for patterned tiles that are designed to mimic mosaics or textiles. These will make it much easier to achieve the look of wallpaper that you’re pining for.

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