8 Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Prevent the damage is a step better than you have to fix a device. In the house, we should always be concerned with the quality of the air conditioner on, so we will not spend much money for treatment. Well, here are 8 air conditioning preventive maintenance checklists.air conditioning maintenance checklist

# 1. Cleaning Water Filters

It is an absolute requirement when you have air conditioner, and want to maintain the quality. By cleaning or replacing it, you will avoid the risk of bad air. Also, it can maintain the performance of the air conditioner.

# 2. Checking Refrigerant Levels

Consider this as possible. By balancing the refrigerant levels, you should be able to maintain the quality of the coolant, so that would make the engine work efficiently.

# 3. Calibrate Thermostat

You should know that the cleanliness of the house will affect the quality in the thermostat. There is a lot of dust, dirt, and so forth. And it can lower the temperature readings. That’s why you should set the proper calibration. Also, clean it regularly, to maintain quality of the temperature.

# 4. Checking Condenser

Please check the condenser. You should check it regularly, and clean up of dust or other debris. There are many causes of the decline in the level of efficiency, and one of them is dirty coils.air conditioning maintenance tips

# 5. Compressor Housing

What will we do with this? You must provide shade to plant shrubs. It was to protect the compressor from the sun. You have to protect the airway from a variety of dirt, dust, leaves, and so on.

# 6. Drains and Tubing

There is a big problem when you do not care about the drains and tubing. They are a channel that could cause the problem worse when there is a lot of water. In addition, it will cause the moisture in the room. Therefore, you should avoid the risk of such a blockage.

# 7. Blowers and Grills

Non-current air flow will cause an important issue in the air conditioner. It will reduce the efficiency of the engine. Moreover, you may be a lot of money to fix it, or even replace with new components. Therefore, please check carefully blower and grills. You should ensure that there is no problem in it.

# 8. Oiling

However, you must apply the lubricant on any moving parts because it will improve the performance of motors and fans. Also, it is a way to make the machine more durable.

Well, here are some of the damage prevention measures in the air conditioner. You should check regularly, so that it can minimize the risk.

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