8 Instructions to Share on How to Install Your Hardwood Floor

Installing hardwood floors in your home can be great investment. Once the installation is done the home, the decor will be enhanced completely. One good thing is that you do not need a professional to do this. Here are some easy steps to follow.hardwood floor layout direction

#1. Remove the Old Floor and Sub-Floor

Before installing the new hardwood flooring, the old floor and the sub floor should be first removed to make sure that the new floor can be installed on a level surface. Remove the tacks and nails as well.

#2. Snap a Chalk Line

Make a chalk line across the sub floor by measuring the distance between the wall and a floor board. The measurement should have ½ up to ¼ inches more for an expansion.

#3. Start Installing with the Straightest Boards

The first boards that should be installed to the floor should be the longest and the straightest one. This is very important to make the first boards straight to prevent the floor from being slanted or crooked.

#4. Secure the Boards

Use finish nails to the first boards installed to the floor to keep them straight and avoid using floor nail gun because it will make the floors straight.how to install hardwood floors on concrete

#5. Rack the Boards

Stagger the ends of the boards by racking them so you can stagger them by making them adjacent. You can make the staggering between 4 to 6 inches.

#6. Use Nail Guns

Now, this is the time to use a nail gun for securing the boards by giving the nails space about 8 to 10 inches. Use only two or five nails for each board and do not use nails at the board ends less than 2 inches.

#7. Check the Work

Check your work to make sure that each board installed has at least four to six inches from the ends. While making sure, you can keep using the nail gun up to the far wall.

#8. Undercut Trim Pieces

Now, you have come to the end of the project. Just undercut the trim pieces using a jamb saw to make the piece neater and more organized.

This is how to install hardwood flooring. This is not easy, but this can be done even without certain carpentry skills. So, you can try to do the installation by yourself to save the cost while providing a great decorative value in your home.

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