8 Checklist To Know on How to Choose Non Toxic Furniture for Your Baby and Kids

Each parent should pay attention to the safety of their babies or kids. Now, there are a lot of furniture offered for baby and kids. Indeed, they will always need new furniture that could support its growing them through a variety of games and activities. Still, you have to understand the consequences of a product that may not be safe for your children. safe non toxic furniture paint baby cribs

Therefore, here are 8 checklists to know on how to choose non-toxic furniture for your baby and kids.

# 1. Safety Gates and Barriers

You should choose a model that swings open. Therefore it is better to maintain the security of use. Also, you have to choose the right size of safety gates and barriers.

# 2. Tables

You have to make sure that it is safe furniture and have secure locks. Note the size so that it will not be too high for the baby. At least, it should be 100 mm higher than the changing surface.

# 3. Highchairs

So, this will be the same when you choose a table. But note the right size so that it can avoid the risk of the baby while sitting on top of it. Meanwhile, you have to choose the right material and do not contain chemicals.

# 4. Baby Cots

You must choose a design that is safe and can protect the baby. Make sure that the baby cannot climb it. It is better not to put a pillow because it may lead to other risks.non toxic nursery furniture

# 5. Mattresses

Please note the thickness and comfort levels. You must choose a mattress that is not easy to get dirty. At least, it would be easy to clean. So you can avoid the risk of dusty mattress.

# 6. Small Toys

There are many toys in your home. But most babies will be attracted to small objects around them. So you must make sure that they will not chew or swallow them. Of course, you should choose safe toys and harmless.

# 7. Baby Walkers

Indeed, this is a critical need to train the baby. But you have to choose a safe and robust design. With the best design, you can protect your baby.

# 8. Jolly Jumper

You should choose a model that can be hung above the door. Or you can pick another spot right and safe. Meanwhile, please pay attention to the quality and flexibility of the rope.

Well, these are a checklist to know on how to choose non-toxic furniture for your baby and kids. You can check any information from the product before you buy it. Make sure that you will make the best choices.

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