8 Things You Should Know Before Doing Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance

Caring and cleaning hardwood floors will help to maintain the beauty and function of the floors. However, there are some things people do not realize can make hardwood floors ruined slowly.hardwood floor in hallway

#1. Do not Skip a Welcome Mat

Walking on hardwood floors on shoes full of dirt and stones will ruin the appearance. This will just like having sandpaper on the shoes and you can imagine how this look likes on the hardwood floors. This is why a welcome mat is important to be added.

#2. Use Throw Rugs without Sticky Finish

You might want your throw rug to stick on your hardwood floor for a long time, but using the one with a sticky finish is not a good idea since it will make the sticky finish left on the hardwood floor when they rug is removed.

#3.Do Not Skip Furniture Pads

Every piece of furniture placed on hardwood floors should be completed with furniture pads because even if you are not moving the furniture, it will still move when it is used. Every move of the furniture can make a scratch on the hardwood floors.

#4. Do not Bring the Outdoor in

After walking on wet roads, polls or anything that make the shoes wet, do not use it inside the house since water can damage the hardwood floors completely. So, always put off boots before coming inside the house.dark hardwood floor kitchen cabinet combinations

#5. Do not Use Too Much Water when Mopping

Most people use too much water for mopping hardwood floors and this is absolutely wrong. Water is not good for wood, so mopping should use only little water.

#6. Use the Right Cleaner

Every different finish of hardwood floor needs different cleaners. Do not use chemicals for wax finish and always follow the instructions in the package when cleaning.

#7. Repair Scratches

It is not easy to keep hardwood floors from scratch, but once you find scratch on the floors especially on the high-traffic areas, you can repair them quickly by buffing and applying urethane.

#8. Give your Pets a Pedicure

Hardwood floors can get scratch easily from pet nails. So, do not let the nails come too long without cutting regularly. You can bring your pet to a groomer and get it well be cut.

Those are some things to consider protecting the hardwood floors from scratches so that you can keep the beauty of the wood natural appearance of the flooring.

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